Pencil Crayon Exploration - Summer 2009





Here are a few pencil crayon projects I had worked on last summer. It was actually my first time using pencil crayon as a medium, and I took a liking to it quickly. I like the control it allows me to have,and of course the work looks more impressive with colour.For the first picture (1) this was the first image I worked on pencil crayon taken from the cover of British fashion magazine "LuLu". This piece took me about 5-6 hours on and off most of the time was taken up with layering and blending the colours. Although it looks like a finished image some things look awkward to me such as; the details in the eyes and mouth. For the second image (2) This is obviously a unfinished piece,it was ambitious because the image had 13 figures to draw and colour. With this piece I enjoyed viewing my process and the buildup of each figure. I'm still undecided about the background seeing as the photo itself was a just a basic grey background.Finally the third image is of Korean actress ShinAe, and this peice took me 2-3 hours since no background was need so I just concentrated on the figure. I'm pretty satisfied with the piece itself but there is an obvious problem with the right eye,making the model look cross eyed,tried to fix it but got fustrated. Only images 1 and 2 were put on display at a Shopper's World Mall Art Walkway hosted by the Brampton Visual Arts Center.

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