Hauls Galore!


Jacket & Blazer - Pure by Alfred Sung, Top - Ricki's
 Forever 21

 Forever 21

Forever 21 - finally got another Minnie Mouse F21 collection tee <3

 Forever 21 (again...lol)

 H&M - I was so happy when I found the denim shirt I've been dying for :D yay!

 Urban Outfitters - scored a deal with the wallet/purse only $4.99! woo!

Bath & Body Works - sadly they didn't have the Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar Handibac cream :( 

Here's my collection of my hauls from last week and this past weekend in NYC. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any outfit pictures because of the weather and I was mostly visiting my family.Sorry to who wanted to see the outfit posts. Most likely I'll wear the outfit that I wore last weekend to work or out in about.

BTW! Stay tuned for my *new* Fashion Diary post today from last night :)


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