Visual Merchandising Windows - Part 3


Here are some recent windows done in the last few months in my VM program.

The Banana Republic window was done for my Professional Practice class, we had 5 people working on it, some trials and tribulations on the day of the actual installation, but it all came together at the end. The Hershey chocolate window was done for my Visual Literacy class, had so much fun with my partner in crime (Shannon your sooo funny!) we literally come up with all our ideas when put under pressure haha! In the last photo Shannon and I created a Marie Antoinette table top display for for our Visual Theory class the previous semester based on a a project which we had to reflect a notable movie/fairytale in pop culture.

There's one more window to go for 1st year!! These past weeks have been so crazy, I think my head is going to spin off, but as a visual merchandiser you really thrive on the stress,and all the hard work pays off in the end!

I'm off to class now, see you guys later! :D

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