5 Things In My Room - 2







Another round of "5 Things In My Room"
So here goes!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean Illustration Book - a year ago I was debating whether to dive into Animation or Illustration at my college I bought this at the Labyrinth book sale because I was in a very "artistic mood". I'm completely obsessed with the Pirates series and I had to get this book not to mention the illustrations are breathtaking, detailed and AMAZING!

2. Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Guide Books - I'm a nerd at heart.really.I used to play video games everyday I got home from high school. I'll be an RPG gamer for life because of the Final Fantasy series. I even started cosplaying because of playing video games.LOL. Anyway these video game guide books have some really great art books compiled with character design and digital paintings.

3. The Room ( Hudson's Bay Co. Poster) - A year before I decided to apply to Visual Merchandising at my college I found this poster in The Bay's flyer handouts talking about the history of the company and the new designers they added . I find it funny looking and reading this poster now because I found this image inspirational because of how the mannequins,clothing and generally the visual beauty of the entire display was,and without knowing it I went into Visual Merchandising.Freaky but what a coincidence.

4 & 5. - Harry Potter - My HP collection so far I got the two booklets when I bought The Goblet of Fire at Chapter at 12am, totally stood in line for the celebrations to get the book when it was released a few years ago. :D Then there's my actual HP books,I made it my goal to get the official illustrated covers. Personally I don't like the other covers, expect for some of the international covers those were pretty interesting.
I'll probably re-read the last book for a refresher before I go see the movie.


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