Fashion Diary #11


Jacket - Aeropostale,Cardigan,Hat & Bag - Forever 21,Dress - Ricki's,Leggings - Sirens,Belt - Urban Behaviour,
Watch - Vintage,Bracelets - Gifts (2), H&M (1),Scarf - H&M, Necklace - Urban Planet,Shoes - Nevada

Work outfit again! :D Wore this on Friday and got some weird looks when I was taking the bus to the mall.
I enjoy dressing up to go out, especially to work!
I guess being stylish is shamed upon in Brampton because I got weirder looks when I got off at the bus terminal.Where I was walking it happened to be slippery and I slid and fell on the ground. Luckily I caught my weight with my left arm, I would have almost broke my ankle. One woman was nice enough to see if I was okay as some guys snickered behind me, but I wasn't embarrassed at all (which is a complete surprise).
Aw well life goes on :)

P.S - Sorry for the choppy work on the photos
It's been a long day I only got 5 hrs of sleep last night, so I'm off to bed!

Goodnight everyone! :D


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