Fashion Diary #14 & Notes


(sorry about the blurry camera went funky)

Wore this to work on Thursday. I finally nabbed the Minnie Mouse collector tee w/ the Japanese characters on it! I uncovered my fave black Mary Jane shoes I used to wear 24/7 a few years ago.
I forgot how comfortable they were too :P

Hi everyone! I'm finally back on blogger after the whole blogger disaster and my laptop crashing!
Thankfully I got my laptop fixed ASAP the day it wasn't working properly,or it would have been a goner :(
I started using a new browser now too, Google Chrome! I'm happy I updated from IE.
I had to many problems with blogger and IE together :/

I would just like to thank all my followers (and new ones) for giving my blog a chance LOL!
It means alot to have you guys as followers and thanks for all the great and funny comments <3

If anyone was confused the picture of the dog "Boo" in the previous post he isn't my dog ( I wish he was!) He's just famous online for being a cute dog. Check out his Facebook page,there are literally hundreds of entertaining and cute pictures of him! :D


I will not being adding where I purchased my clothing on my blog under my images anymore. It's a personal decision, if you want to know where the pieces came from just ask in a comment.
Thanks for understanding and sorry for any inconveniences. :)


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