Fashion Diary #19 & Update


Shout-out to all my new followers!

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Hi everyone! I haven't post since Monday, I was waiting till Wednesday until I had an outfit post from work.
I have blogger's block... ;__; (crying)
Maybe you guys can suggest some things you want me to post/discuss or show? 
Anyhoo I've been obsessed with my denim shirt for the past few days! I just love it! :D
Once again I'm wearing lace (in pink...omg) I can't get away from either ( but who would want to anyway) :P
Say hello to my *NEW* best shoes! These are actually 2 1/2 inches high and I'm surprised I can actually walk in them, and their quite a workout too!


I'm really happy and surprised that my blog has grew so much in the time where I redesigned it to become a fashion blog! I have all my followers new and old for supporting me and all the funny,sweet and conversational comments! It's so nice to meet all of you from around the world,and I think you guys all have unique fashion blogs. :) 

I've also been experiencing some laptop issues these past weekends to that why I have been absent or off /on blogger. From my laptop charger dying last year, the battery is on it's last days and now my laptop is constantly crashing and missing drivers. So hopefully I'll be getting a new laptop soon...the current laptop I have is a Gateway...word of advice NEVER buy any Gateway products EVER!


Anyhoo totally off subject who's into Glee or Big Bang Theory? I missed Glee's season finale because I was watching the Harry Potter movies and RJ Berger with the bf <3 I recently discovered the Big Bang Theory but I had intent to watch it since the beginning of January but school was crazy! The only TV I used to watch was CNN or the news...sad times. Now I'm hooked to TLC,The Family Channel and Food Network. Two reasons I love summer, endless TV and BBQs! :D


Talk to you all later, and have a awesome day! :3


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