Fashion Diary #20


OMGOSH! 20th outfit post!
*celebrates* I'm quite surprised and bewildered that I would keep this up!
There are some days I just want to stay in my PJs... and not take pictures but because of all you great followers I have a motivation to push myself to create outfits! Thanks again everyone :D
So this is basically another work outfit. These have been my favourite pair of grey jeans I have that I hemmed last summer. I've been seeing alot of navy blue/grey capri's and shorts/pants lately for summer trends, so all I did was roll up this jeans and instantly I had a workable capri's without altering my jeans.
I also did a switch up showing another look with the leopard print scarf and bag transformed into clutch.

Shout-out to all my new followers!

Lara, Precious, and Sick by Trend

Just wanted to add a little music feature in my outfit post of what I've been listening too while put together my post for today .Hope everyone likes the tunes! :)

The Saturdays - Notorious 

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

I'm off to bed now, have a great day everyone! :D


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