Fashion Diary #21 & Shopping Etiquette


Wore this to work on Friday.
It's definitely one of my more preppy outfits for sure! I wish I could wear my black oxfords lace up booties but they where my staple winter wear. I need to find some oxfords for the spring/summer now!
I picked up a tripod and some new Apple headphones before I headed into work today.
So sadly these pics were taken without my new tripod  ;__;
Also I didn't feel my outfit for work yesterday was worthy of a outfit post...
It was way to last minute, it needed a white blazer...that's all I have to say lol.
I'll definitely have a outfit post from today (Sunday), promise! :)

Anyhoo onto the second purpose of the post.
My opinion/rant on the shopping etiquette of (some) people in my city.
Being a sales person for the first time really breaks you in to the real world. 
You can basically gather how/what a sales associate has to do by being a customer.
What really erks me is some people's attitude when entering stores, either you think your too "important" or "cool" to listen to what a sales person has to say. If we didn't inform you about the sales how would you score a big haul or deal in the store.DUH. Of course sales associates get a bad rep, because some out there are extremely nagging and follow you around. You definitely have to give the customer space to enjoy their shopping experience and not overwhelm them. Generally most people are nice, but unfortunately I've encountered some who are not. Nobody deserves to be spoken to rudely or pushed around, sales associate are human beings too. I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot nobody would want to be treated like crud.
Even before I started working in retail I have respected sales associates.
So next time you enter a store just know were working for a living just like everyone else in the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I would like to hear your opinions and experiances too.
I'm off to bed now, have a great night! :D


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