Whats In My Bag


Guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon with this post since I saw alot of previous bloggers do this!
I think it's interesting to see whats in someones bag (with permission of course) because it shows the person's personality and their likes/dislikes.
  1. My Sunglasses - I ALWAYS carry my two favorite sunglasses in case I want to change according to what I'm wearing/or what I feel like that day. (F21 & H&M sunglasses)
  2. H&M Magazine & Notebook- I've always had this in my bag so when I get bored I just a few articles here and there, and I bookmark which items are on my wish list. Always have a notebook on hand to jot down notes,ideas or list for everyday life.
  3. My Ipod - Definitely the item I can't live without. I can't even go one day without adding some new tunes on my Ipod, I'm addicted to music :) Unfortunately I accidental pulled one side of my 3G headphones and I had them for 2 1/2 years so now I have to get them replaced :(
  4. Book - The Sea Captain's Wife - Given to me as a X-mas present, I started to get into the book but got side tracked and stopped reading because of my busy semester, now I can finally relax and read again :)
  5. My Keys - I've never lost my keys, why you ask? Attached is my school access card, which I can't go to school without I keep 'em safe as can be!
  6. Bath & Body Works Handibac,Purell Sanitizer,Polysporin,Victoria Secrets perfume,Got 2b Hair Cream - These items are basically my life savers everyday (seriously!).I'm a klutz I always end up getting cuts and bruises so I always carry Polysporin...lol. I use the Got 2b hair cream 24/7 it's not clumpy/wet and doesn't t give you dandruff, been using it for almost 2 years and can't go a day without using it, the smell is amazing also!
  7.  Kingston USB - My little computer when I'm at school or away, I can always count on it. Pimped out with Disney princess gear.
  8. Headband - for those days when my hair isn't cooperating (like everyday T_T )
  9. My Wallet - Scored a deal on it State side at Urban Outfitters for $4.99. It's compact, orangized and spacious enough for my phone! Love it! <3
  10. Makeup bag - I always over pack this poor little bag, I'm always prepared for a cosmetic emergency!
  11. INQ phone - planning on getting it upgraded to a Blackberry or HTC Android phone, the processor is way to slow :(
  12. My Camera - My trusty Canon SD1500 Digital Camera, but I really need to find a DSLR. SLRs have such a better quality of pictures, my blog is in dire need of one.ASAP.


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