100+ followers & Update


Hi everyone! Just wanted to say big thank you to all my new and old followers! 
I can't believe my blog made it to 100+ followers!! :D
It great knowing that I actually have some fashion sense and you guys agree! LOL
I always feel happy enjoy reading everyone comments and I try my best to get back to everyone, because without the followers many popular bloggers wouldn't be where they are today!
Actually, your not just followers I would regard everyone as friends! 

I unfortunately won't have a outfit post for this weekend :(
I had today (Saturday) off at work but I slept in because I wasn't feeling well I'm still down with a nasty cold!
 Don't worry I be back with a outfit post, DIY and new buys next week! :)
Here's a hint for my DIY "feathers"

Have a great weekend everyone and I'm leaving a inspirational photo! 


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