Best Blog Award!


I would like to thank the lovely and stylish girls of Sorelle In Style for this awesome award! 
It really means alot to me! When your recieve the award you must :
Share 7 random things about yourself
1. I love watching re-runs
2.I'm Guyanese
3. I'm addicted to Rooibos tea
4. I'm obessesed with Kpop
5.I love Valentino
6. Anime/manga/video game nerd
7. I love to swim

Pass the award to 15 other bloggers

Answer the following questions -

Your favourite colour - Green
Your favourite song - Far East Movement - Rocketeer
Favourite Dessert - Rasmalai
What pisses you off - obnoxious people
When your're upset, you - listen to music
Your favourite pet - Pomeranian (just like Boo the cutiest dog in the world)
Biggest fear - snakes and dirty washrooms
Best feature - my smile 
Everyday attitude - usually cheerful
What is perfection - decked out room from Ikea and walk in closet
Guilty Pleasure - watching the Golden Girls

I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about 
Thanks again to the ladies Jilly & Sally from Sorelle In Style!


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