DIY - High Waisted Shorts


As promised here's my DIY, sorry for the late post the weather was amazing today in the GTA! 31 degrees! OMG finally :D Summer is definitely here! So these DIY shorts are perfect to start wearing for celebrating the weather :) Just doing some spring cleaning and I came across these two big old granny capri' 
I wasn't a fan of pleated pants/shorts but when I put these ones on they were perfect they have a comfortable elastic too! I didn't end up using the blue capri's I liked the pink better, so I just added some wax pencil marks and cut away each time to find the best length and left a good inch to do the hem. I did a baste stitch for now, but I'll probably sewing it completely with my machine. I'm so excited to wear these out ,expect to see outfit pics with these shorts soon :D

I guess blogger has some bugs, because every blog I visited had its followers list missing,even mine disappeared and I never knew I crossed 50 followers! Now I have 56?!? omg you guys are the best followers ever! :D You don't know how seriously happy you guys enjoy reading my blog,even though I'm a amateur! :)

Shout out to all the new followers! 

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Thanks so much everyone! :)

Here are the tunes I was listening too while writing up this post! enjoy the tunes,have a goodnight everyone! 

Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory

Secret - Starlight Moonlight


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