DIY II - Necklace


You can definitely see I like to customize my stuff with nail polish LOL

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Hi everyone! Hope the week has been great :)
I'm still down with a cold and to make it worst it's gloomy and rainy outside = no outfits posts :(
I'll probably have outfit post in the next few days (finger's crossed)
Here's the process pictures of the DIY I did today.
I had this necklace piece from Micheal's almost 2 years ago.
 Plus got this awesome little plated circles for the necklace a few days ago!
Basically what I did was use the pliers to attach the circles to the necklace.
 I excited to wear it loose and wrap it so I can have 2 necklaces in one :) 
Also, stay tuned for exciting news on a web project(s) I'm working on! 


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