DIY III - Feather Earrings


So here's the long awaited feather earrings post. This weekend ended as a busy one and  begun a even busier week! I'm still deciding which clothes to pack for the NYC trip. I want to at least get a picture of every outfit I wear (even the ghetto travel ones).

This DIY only took about 10 minutes to actually
I found these awesome feathers with suede strings at the craft store tied to a dream catcher. So I unwinded them from the dream catcher. I also had these earrings fasteners from another old pair of earrings and decided to use. Next I opened the fastener's hook and slipped the strings into the hole, secured them and adjusted the length for the feathered earrings. To secure them again so they wouldn't lose their placement I sewed some black thread at the top near the earring hook and wined it around the suede strings and TA DAH...feather earrings. The best thing is it was under $3 to make! Can't wait to wear these soon :D

I'm off to enjoy a day of Pretty Little Liars and old movies with the bf <3
Have a great Wednesday everyone! Enjoy the new tunes/addictions (lol)

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Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (the remixes are amazinggg!)

GD & TOP - Don't Go Home 

T-ara - Roly Poly


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