Fashion Diary #28


Can anyone guess where I edited my photos? I just discovered it through Lookbook!
Speaking on Lookbook I have a account there now! I'm actually quite iffy and intimidated by Lookbook...everyone's photos look extremely professional and most of the user's look like models! :O
 I posted 3 looks already 0
Guess Lookbook isn't for me since I'm a nerd and not cool (jk)
ANYhoo this is what I wore to work today. I wasn't sure if I was going to have a outfit post for this weekend because the weather was bipolar today. I haven't even used my tripod yet, so this week I will try it out! :)

Have a great sunday everyone! :)
 Enjoy the tunes!

Kim Hyung Joong (I've been listening to his mini-album for the entire week)




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