Fashion Diary #29


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Seems like it's been forever since I posted a outfit post!
 This week has just been packed with summer renos and more spring cleaning ( 
The green skirt I'm wearing is actually a dress, it seems lately I've been doing this alot in my outfits.
It's definitely a great way to reuse and come up with some great new outfits! :) 
You can also see my new nailpolsh I've been addicted too it's called "Orange Zest". 
I haven't gotten to post any of my DIY items because I'm still looking for some metal studs for the red envelope clutch ;___; (or maybe some feather's or tassels) . I think I'm addicted to

p.s I watched "The Rite" (movie) yesterday and I'm officially freaked out...and having watched it I woke up with some crazy dreams last night O_O;;

Have a great Friday everyone!


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