Fashion Diary #30


Shout out to the new followers! 
Despoina Telligiannidou, Lola X

I'm so happy I made it to my 30th outfit post! I wore this to work on Saturday! Sorry if I look a bit unhappy because it was kind of awkward taking photos after the mall was closed there were a few people still wandering around lol...typical Bramalea City Center. For a change I wore my UO sneakers that i got in NYC, there soo comfortable! The blazer in wearing is the one I post in my "Old Finds" post it's actually one of the first Joe Fresh pieces I got a few years back (and it's huge on me for a size medium). Finally the Joe Fresh the store has opened in Bramalea City Center,and I love how the store looks!
The merchandising plans and layouts are simple and clean. Not mention the staff is really nice too! :)

Have a great Sunday night/Monday, I'm off now so I'll leave a song!

I'm addicted to this's been playing on my Ipod for last 30 mins :P


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