Fashion Diary #31 & 100th post!


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Hi everyone! It's Friday and my 100th post!
I could never imagine getting to my 100th post haha, guess I'm on a roll! 
Excuse these horrible photos, I'm extremely frustrated with my camera lately. These are the only 3 photos that came out properly, but there still horrible. I'm currently looking into a DSLR because I know I'll get quality photos and with digital point and shoot camera's you can't expect much :(

It being my 100th post I wanted to share the story how I revived my blog.
This past semester in school my one of my VM teacher's decided she would bring in speakers in different fields of visual merchandising to speak about there experience and work in their specific field.
The speaker that left a impact on me waChristine Vieira. Christine Vieira is a fashion editor for MUDD magazine based in Toronto and she's also a blogger and fashion stylist.
 After seeing how much passion she had for her job and her blog I was inspired to start a fashion blog.
 I guess you can say the rest is history, and here I am 5 months later with my little blog :)

I would love to hear everyone stories of how they started their blogs!

Have a great weekend, thanks for the awesome support!
I'm off now,enjoy the tunes :D

Selena Gomez - Love You Like a Love Song (okay I'm totally obsessed with this song)
2NE1 - I am the Best
2PM - Hands Up


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