Fashion Diary #35 + Blogger Address Change


I've decided to change my blogspot address to "Heart Made Fashion".Tell me what you guys think! Personally I think it's simple and still describes my blog 

Shout out to all the new followers!
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Hi everyone! hope y'all are having a great Friday. I'm just doing chores around the house before I head to work. I wore this outfit yesterday to work and I decided to do a theme outfit, as you can see I went the nautical route. I couldn't find my nautical charm bracelet so I decided to accessorize with this great tote bag my grandma gave to me a few years ago. It even has a great little anchor badge on it :) I didn't realize how hot it would be yesterday...and my hair poofed up and I looked like a chow chow the entire evening.

Anyway I'm off to finish off my chores and have some lunch :D I'll you with this great tunes I've been listening to all week.I specifically choose these songs because I love how the artist's were styled for the videos!

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa

Kim Hyung Jun - Long Night

CSJH The Grace - One More Chance


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