Fashion Diary #36


( sorry my eyes look weird in the first pic, but the lighting came out perfectly no editing!)

Whenever I don't check blogger on the weekends I feel like I missed a million posts by other bloggers!
I usually reply to comments and visit other blogs on Mondays, I'm too busy on the weekends to blog (lol).
Plus the weather right now in the GTA is breaking heat records and it's expected to get hotter!
I wore this outfit to work on Saturday.
Luckily I was inside in the freezing mall cause I would have died wearing this out!
Over the weekend I scored some great buys for back to school items, so I'll be preparing another haul post.

Most of my outfits have been neutral and boring this summer and I don't really like to embrace trends much.
I can't justify buying a trendy piece and wearing it only for 4 months,and then throwing it out (plus shoes/bags)
I planned some outfits and tried to add some colour.
After destroying my closet today I'm finally organized for Fall/Winter clothing (I feel so prepared)!

Have a great Tuesday everyone, as usual I'm dropping some of fave new tunes :)

Miss A  Goodbye Baby

Lupe Fiasco - Out of My Head

Natalia Kills - Free

Dev - In The Dark


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