Fashion Diary #37


Shoutout to all my new followers!
John B. Marine, Jessica Truong, Sara

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! As I said before I don't blog on the weekend because I'm busy (work, lol). I decided to do a double outfit post for 2 looks from Thursday and Friday. 
The first look I changed up a bit when I went to a impromptu trip to the movies to see Harry Potter (thanks to my great bf <3 :D! I was a bit teary eyed at the end, because I couldn't believe it was all over. I was surprised how well the movie turned out because I heard some reviews that weren't positive at all. The second look is another work look and I tried to experiment with "tucking" Anyhoo I work this entire week, so my blog post might not be as frequent as they are during the week :( I'll be getting back to everyone's comments and visiting blogs in due time :)

Have a great Monday y'all!


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