NYC Trip + Outfits



Hi everyone! I'm back from a quick weekend trip to New York for my aunt's engagement party. The weekend was filled with food,fun, shopping and hot weather. I didn't take that many photos of the events because I was sleeping most of the The weather made me get some crazy headaches. So this pictures are just a summary of my weekend :D I'll be posting a haul post of what I brought in NYC later!  
  1. Arrived in NYC at 5:30 on the Greyhound bus and headed for Port Authority and waited for the train to Queens. Waited almost 2 hours for the Leffter's train to find out the the scheduled to start running after 8am...I was so hungry and peeved.
  2. Maxi dresses are the greatest! There so easy to style and comfy. I wore my maxi for the entire day. Although I look a bit heavy in the was actually a small :P
  3. Breakfast perfected - IHOP is the best, hands down. I loved my food and I wish I could eat a IHOP breakfast everyday.
  4. Boarding flight back home to Toronto and spotted this cool advert for the city at the airport. I shopped,ate and travelled in this entire outfit. I actually over packed and brought 5 outfits + accessories when I only wore 2 outfits.Lesson learned.
Even though my trip was short it was fun and it was great seeing my family again!
I can't wait to go back for the wedding next year :)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday, I'm off to reply to comments and visit blogs.


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