Fashion Diary #41


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Hi everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend :) 
My event was not so eventful but filled with turmoil because of my ghetto laptop...UGH
I'm just ready to throw this thing in the trash. After 5 years of use,almost every year I've had so many computer issues and every time it's the same stress again. I was lucky enough to have it working again on Sunday night...for now :'(

Anyway enough blabbing about my technology woes onto my outfit! :D
I wore this to work last Thursday and the weather was so fantastic :) If you recognized the orange sweater it's from my previous haul post. I missed out on the great finds because I had discovered the Zara sale late, but managed to score this half an hour before the store closed! I decided just to dress up my outfit with my treasured leopard print scarf (I'll be wearing this 24/7 when Autumn hits) 

Tonight I'm off to see the Journey/Foreigner concert in Toronto and I'm so stoked!
I'm trying to put together a comfy concert outfit since it's raining cats and dogs outside right now.

Have a great week everyone, see you later!As usual some of my fave tunes at the moment :)

Anjulie - Brand New *****
Super Junior - Mr.Simple 
Sunny Hill - Prayer
Aziatix - Slippin Away
Sistar - So Cool


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