Editorial Inspriations - 6


Hi everyone!
It's officially the start of school and a early Fall for us in GTA.
It feels like mid October when I left home today for school.I had to bust out my cardi and my carjo jacket.
At this moment I'm trying to kill some time listening to my Ipod in the Sheridan commons and browsing random web pages. I came across MTV Fora's article of the "Band of Outsiders" fashion feature.
I was fangirling over Rupert Grint and Tom Felton for  Fall Campaign!!!
The styling and photos were amazing and I love the playfulness of the shoot.

I'm off to find my classroom to endure my 5pm to 8pm class. I hate late classes
Hope everyone has a great back to school week.
I'll be back with an outfit post later this week :)

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