Fashion Diary #47


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to respond to comments. I also noticed that I started losing followers, I'm guessing because I haven't been labouring over my blog like I was in summer. A few weeks ago I said I will be slowing down my posts because school has started again. I'm not being rude or ignoring anyone on purpose but I hope you all understand my situation! :(

Onto my outfit, I wore this to school and work afterwards last Thursday. This open cardigan was a nice departure from the basic blazer that I would usually wear :O I recently started seeing some abstract open blazers and now I'm lusting for them!
As you can tell I can't get enough of cuffs this season it's my go to accessory because it's chic and simple.

I think I'm been scarred from seeing so many sweat pants at my college. Seriously people there ARE affordable,comfortable pants you can wear to school.

Rant over. Till next time, have a great week everyone! :)


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