I'm Back!


I'm happy to announce officially back to blogging! I've missed everything about blogging too much :`(
As you can see done some spring cleaning on my blog and I'll be updating it with pages, my portfolio site (once I've worked out the design) and new outfit posts!
A lot has happened in the past few months so here's what I`ve been up to ( i have alot of excuses lol!)

- Final year in Visual Merchandising 
- Year End Grad Show - Brand X3 "London Calling" ; Social Media Manager (Blog & Facebook Page)
- working on Visual Merchandising portfolio, business cards and resume
- school,school and more SCHOOL
- preparing for graduation
- living on my laptop
- Pinterest and Tumblr
- working on Project 2012 ( exciting details coming soon!)

You can now connect with me with my social gadget section on my blog, and don't be afraid to follow me! :)
Till next time, have a great week everyone!


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