Fashion Diary #62


Coral + Gold Glitter nails, favourite ring
new shoes <3 + mint pedi :)
x100 on repeat

Hey everyone! :)

I would like to firstly apologize for the horrible quality of these photos I still havent used my DSLR (have to get the flash fixed ;__;)

So I decided to skip posting of what I bought recently since it would hardly count as a post lol!
Here's what I wore today as I ran some errands and I've concluded I'm obsessed with these pink pants! They surprisingly stretch ALOT?! Or maybe it's because I've been exercising everyday...

Also, debuting my lovely new sandals from a recent sale at Aldo (who doesn't love a good shoe sale)
I'm definitely going to invest in some more shoes since I don't have a good variety. I tend to buy more shoes for Fall/Winter because of the crazy Canadian winters here in the GTA plus the styles appeal to me more.

As a final thought I have a question for my fellow fashion bloggers, followers or whomever.
Is it offensive when someone copies your outfit or purchases an exact same item of clothing that they have seen you wearing? Or is it a compliment?

One of the many reasons I do not label some of the brands I wear in my outfits posts is ; I always encounter people who ask were I purchased an item of clothing or acessories, and then seeing them wear the same thing as me.

Maybe it's just me, but this bothers me :S


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