Fashion Diary #63


H&M clutch, Wet n' Wild nail polish "Blazed" (im obsessed with this nail polish)

F21 statement necklace
Just realized I hadn't posted anything on my blog in the last week! I think I better start a schedule on when I should prepare some posts or just take snap shots of my everyday wear, what do you guys think?

Anyhoo~ here's what I wore for an interview yesterday! I really didn't know what to wear the day before but then realized I had bought some white skinnies (that are 2 sizes way to big, thats why I have them rolled up).

Last night while I was channelling surfing on my TV there was a clip of Will Smith's "Miami" music video, and I realized my outfit looked like his minus the jewellery and my blue blouse while his shirt was purple jewel tone. (major facepalm) :(

I'm off to watch What Not to Wear and exercise, have a great week everyone! :)

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