Fashion Diary #79


Hi everyone!

My house is under reno and basically I'm surviving in my living room thanks to my TV, laptop and PS2 (yes I still play on a old console LOL!) I can't wait for the reno to be over so I can finally rearrange my room and closet space/drawers. My bf kindly gave my a early birthday gift of a mini flat screen TV and PS3 for my room, so I will forever live and be a zombie in my room after the next week! 

It's been quiet a quirky situation putting together outfits for this reno and getting photos of them so now I have to freeze my butt off in the near winter like weather were having here in the GTA D: ;___;

Basically this pics sum up two weeks ago before the reno...I totally freaked out when I saw this adorkable Harry Potter rock at a plant nursery! <3 p="p">


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