Fashion Diary #86


Hi everyone!

I think I've gone a bit DIY crazy! I've been looking for studs and spikes online and decided that it wasn't the best option, plus all the ridiculous shipping fees! So I took a visit to a nearby clothing store and scored a studded belt ( i picked the largest size). I basically just removed them with a set of pilers and attached them with the two clips that came with the studs and VOILA~ I had some awesome DIY fun with my black moto jacket, clutch and combat boots! Also had a bit left over and i made this awesome studded bracelet since I've been lusting over some really expensive ones! This DIY only costed me $5! The best $5 I've ever spent in my life and now the clothing pieces I have chosen have a more personalized touch!

I also received some great feedback from a few peeps on Facebook! It was great to see that everyone liked it and was inspired to stud-out their clothing pieces too :)

Almost forgot to mention that my first DIY that I started the previous week was an corduroy elbow patch from a pair of my mom's pant! I really want this continue this DIY enegry I have to make some peter pan collars! Still deciding on materials and patterns though, let me know what you guys think! :)


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