Fashion Diary #94


Hi everyone!!

Hope you all had a great holiday and new years!! :) Huge photo dump for this post ( a sum of my outfits from November to Decemeber 2012).  This year I actually ringed in 2013 dressed up for once!
Last year was amazing! I graduated, grew up, lost weight and got into fitness and health and my style drastically evolved  I really can have a laugh of what I used to wear or how I used to pose in pictures. I'm probably sure I'll do that next year too! 2012 had it really lows and I was more than grateful to have support through my mid 20's crisis! It might sound cliche but as every year passes I learned things about myself and gain more life knowledge. I'm hoping to push myself more in every aspect of my life either it be fashion wise or being a better person and citizen on this Earth. 

Christine :)

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