Don't Forget About The Bridesmaids!


At a wedding, the bride is probably the most important person because it's her "special day", but does that mean that bridesmaids should look like old haggard maids? NOPE!

We've all seen those unfashionable and horribly hideous bridesmaid dresses even in the movies (i.e "27 Dresses, Bridemaids") It's all fun and games in the movies, but I think the bridesmaids' dresses are as important as the bride's dress. The bridesmaids are a reflection of the bride herself... so here are my fashionable choices for bridesmaids dresses!

These bridesmaids dresses from are fun, flirty, fashionable and not to mention affordable for any bride who is looking for wedding party attire. Plus, each dress has a playful style that can be worn again.

What isn't greater than a dress you can wear countless times and still look fashionable?


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