Prom and Graduation Fashion


Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again! Talking about prom and graduation makes me feel old lol . When I graduated from highschool in 2007 the fashion that year was pretty interesting to say the least; short dresses were a big trend but I opted to wear a large A line style dress for my prom.

Seeing the trends and styles this year I cant help but day dream of wearing these beautiful gowns!
If I had a choice for my graduation from college last year I would definitely pick one of these amazingly beautiful dresses from! I think with the large variety and styles that online retailers have help increase the chances of finding a unique and wearable prom/graduation dress that you can style and get your money's worth!

p.s - I can't get enough of the one shoulder Grecian inspired style this year for all dresses, such a classy and feminine silhouette!


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