Graphic and Ripped


Last weekend at the cottage was relaxing and I felt like I was in a different world. I took advantage of this weekend to just relax and pretty much enjoy the weather and be a sloth a little (LOL). So this simple ootd was inspired when I was on Pinterest and saw some designer ripped denim jeans that were floating around.
I hadn't DIYed anything in the past few months (except for hemming my dress pants for work), so I was really excited when I found these old pair of jeans sitting in my closet. I've had these jeans since high school and they hadn't fit me in years!
The DIYs I found online differed but it's pretty much a fun DIY where you can get carried away and create your own unique destroyed denim look. I might go back in with a seam ripper and make my jeans look destroyed, or might just sandpaper the fabric to make it look more shredded, not sure as of yet!
I hope you guys like the result of the DIY, please let me know what you think via my instagram @heartmade or facebook page - Heart Made Fashion.


BTW! I also discovered this great new spot for ootd pics at an abandoned office space in downtown Brampton, that is featured in this post!

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