Hello NYC & NJ! ♥


Hi everyone!
I'm finally back into the work groove after a long weekend! I couldnt say how great mini vacation to NY and NJ was!! Got tons of sleep and visited a lot of places I didnt get to see on my previous trips...like the gigantic Macy's store on 34th street. The weekend was filled with shopping (thank god for retail therapy!!) Spening time with my family and eating. It was also surprisingly fun to get lost in NYC on the subway that ended up in a last minute shopping trip to JC Penny off the train platform (how awesome is that?!)
Can't wait to show you guys the goodies I found, pictures  coming soon! :)
To my American family Happy 4th of July weekend! ! ♥♥♥
P.s - published this post with the blogger app while on my way home (love my 4G connection) its fantastic to be able to blog on the go! :D

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