Stripes & Florals


Stripes and florals are my favourite combinations of prints! I think they compliment each other so well. It might seem cliche but stripes and florals are what I imagine in any Spring outfit that pops into my head.
This year for floral prints, I've been liking the bold mirror printed items - just like my Vero Moda leggings! Since I've purchased them, they've been my go-to legging for weekend errands, since they feel so comfy and like butter! Amazing quality too, I have to say, I'm always a repeat offender when it comes to my favourite stripped cotton blazer. I've probably worn it a million times but I love it too much! My outlook on clothing has changed a lot since I've started working full time. I believe in getting the most wear out of any piece if clothing you buy. It doesn't matter if it means wearing it into fall/winter! You gotta work it.

ALSO!! I've been loving my new purse that I picked up in the States and everywhere I go everyone always asks where I bought it. You'd be suprised...I picked it up at JC Penny, its from Cosmopolitan's bag collection!
I know its a Celine knockoff but hopefully this bag can be a substitute for when I can afford a real Celine..hey a girl can dream right?
Took these outfit extremely fast because I was really excited to see Pacific Rim
...the movie was literally about to start!!
Btw!! It was an amazing movie from cast to concept, I was blown away!! Hands down beating my favourite movie of the year ; star trek into the darkness :P

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