Summer = Weddings, weddings and more weddings!


It's SUMMER time and that equals wedding season! When I see brides pick their wedding dresses, each bride chooses one that best suits their personal style and character. I think that's what a wedding dress should reflect on a bride's special day! I know that I'm not getting married anytime soon but here are some of my wedding dress choices that reflect my personal style and personality from!

Personally, I love the traditional gown or A line shape for a wedding dress that compliments alot of brides, but through some bridal research I've begun to love architectural and detailed wedding dress styles that have a feminine appeal (i.e see image 5 *my favourite*).

Weddings can get a little crazy (planning, bridezillas), but what I remember the most about each wedding is how the bride looked in her dress. Every bride should be the most beautiful woman on that special day!


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