It's already August!! The summer definitely flew by since most of my days are spent at work... indoors with freezing AC. As in every summer, I promised myself I would do something to remember that summer by, but I haven't got the opportunity to yet because of time constraints. This summer, however, I have picked up reading again, and it's helped me relax a lot more before and after work. Reading has certainly sparked my interest in a goal that I want to accomplish before I'm 30! Can't list too many details but it's an exciting new path I'm ready to conquer (fingers and toes crossed ). Onto my outfit! I named this post Tigerlily because I totally fell in love with this bright coral/pink pants I picked up recently from Forever 21! I was checking the price when I saw the colour name and instantly thought of Peter Pan. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything Disney or Hello Kitty oriented ( and stripes as you can tell) Christine

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