Hi everyone! It's been a hectic week and a half, with a lot of changes. I've finally settled and with this Labour Day weekend, have caught up on a lot of lost sleep for the past 8 months. Finally got to sleep in after 8am, and it felt great to just be able to breathe. With all the recent changes, I'm more than excited to welcome Fall fashion, but I guess the recent hot weather thinks other wise lol. I find transitioning into Fall fashion as such an awkward time, but I have my own solution! I always like to pair summer brights for a transitional look so it's easy to incorporate some great pre-Fall fashions into your Summer wardrobe. P.S, Another great way to transition into Fall is changing your hair colour! Today I fixed my orangey-rust ombre summer locks into an ash blonde, still have more ash blonde highlights to add but I love the results so far! Christine

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