Hibernation Mode


Cardigan: Ebay, Sweater: Vero Moda, Jeans: Zara , Boots: Boohoo, Necklace : Garage,
Bag : Marc Jacobs, Watch : Casio, Sunglasses : Ray Ban, Rings: Forever 21

I'm happy to say I'm officially back to blogging this year! Last year I wasn't as inspired to really blog anymore because, fashion blogging seemed very over saturated with the same run of the mill content.

After turning 25 I realized I wasn't continuing with any of my personal hobbies that made ME happy.
I then started to film some videos on Youtube, which I found very fun at the time because I was turning a new skill of video editing, but I still missed blogging the most. 

Got a few questions from family and friends of what happened to my blog, so after asking myself those same questions, I'm back :)


p.s I almost got frostbite from taking these photos, but they were worth it!

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