Winter Warmers


(Coat - Sheinside, Top - Forever 21, Pants - Vero Moda, Shoes - Zara, Faux Fur Collar - Le Chateau, Bag - Marc Jacobs)

It isn't any secret that the key to staying warm in the winter months is to layer. If you guys are like me I`m always layered up ( I wear 2 socks on the daily lol). You have to also find a happy medium with warmth and function, so the days when I`m not wearing my parka I always opt for a wool coat or wool blends and layer accordingly :)

For example I`m wearing a turtleneck, fashion joggers (layered with fleece stockings), and a faux fur collar to add a little bit of chic-ness to a otherwise basic winter outfit.

I always have to have one interesting winter accessory with me everyday (i,e blanket scarfs,sunglasses,beanie)

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