Lighter Thoughts


(Longline Blazer - Vero Moda, Sweater - Dynamite, Scarf & Leggings - Le Chateau, Sneakers - Nike, Bag - Marc Jacobs, Watch - Casio, Sunglasses - Quay)

It's amazing how cutting your hair or any cosmetic changes can instantly make you feel happier.
At least an hour before I took these pictures I cut my hair and, yes I know I just got my balayage done recently but my long hair was getting, lets just say ; annoying. (LOL)

Having long hair for most of my life it became like a crutch  so I decided to cut off 2 inches all around. I can finally say, short hair don't care! The  mornings and when I'm headed out in a rush its a relief to look put together other than throwing my hair into a hair bun.

I just decided for this outfit that I wanted my hair and my favourite sunglasses to stand out in the bleek winter afternoon.

Enjoy the week ahead and happy Febuary!

Thanks for reading,

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