My Petite Dilemma



(Jacket :, Body Suit : Le Chateau, Pants : Zara, Shoes  and Bag : Ebay, Choker: Ruegembon (gifted), Sunglasses : Le Chateau)

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a great weekend and start to the week! 
Today I wanted to talk about; the petite girl struggle.  Dressing, shopping and trying to reach that container from a not so high shelf is the constant struggle for petite girls. Hands up if you’re a short girl and also have curves! I have been pretty much stuck between being short and curvy my entire life, so I have three tips of how to deal with this dilemma if you are in the same boat as myself.

1Tip #1 :  Get everything tailored/hemmed : This is basically a fashion no brainer because not all retailers are alike. No matter if pants in a store/online say crop, they can be a wide cropped pant and end up losing shape on your body, or look like a sloppy mess at the bottom of your legs! I have always hand hemmed my pants myself, but getting them professionally tailor is another way of ensuring you have life long clothing that can fit you well!

Tip #2 : Measure yourself! : I always read the size measurements (ESPECIALLY ONLINE) because it is the number one determining factor if that piece of clothing is made for you. Some online clothing sites might say petite, but the truth are in the numbers. 

Tip #3 : Some patterns are your frienemies : There are many great patterns out there this season (boho prints,polka dots, aztec, tribal) but I've learned the hard way that these patterns can be very tricky to style. I tend to be larger on the bottom half of my body,so I like to say away from big patterns with very vibrant colours. These wide legged pants are the exception to rule because, first there cropped at the right length, and secondly have vertical stripes (what are the best slimming pattern). I actually scored these pants online following my three tips :P

What styling/body woes do you guys have?

Thanks for reading,


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