A Black and White World


(Top : Ebay, Jeans : Sirens, Heels : Le Chateau, Bag : Ebay, Choker : Ruegembon, Bracelet & Ring : Audaviv, Pom pom and Sunglasses : Gifted)

Hi everyone!

I've been inactive on all of my social media and blog for about two weeks. My family and I were dealing with a close death in the family. I would like to thank all my followers, friends and IG friends for the great support and understanding during this time. I'm thankful for everyone sweet comments and it very much appreciated  <3 :="" p="">

This ootd was taken on one of the hottest Saturdays so far in the GTA and I was drinking water every two minutes and taking AC breaks in my car, because of shooting in the direct heat. My bf and I just sucked it up and layer on the SPF. I love the high contrast of shooting in the sun because the shadows and lighting come out very crisp. I couldn't help but embrace the large brimmed hat trend (obviously in black) plus it was the best sun blocker for that day!

Carrying on with the trends, I couldnt resist another over the shoulder blouse, especially this jem I found online. The bows are just the right touch of feminine details to make the top stand out, and of course it cant be a "Christine" without a pair of ripped denim. For once I was wearing a white outfit and managed not to spill any food or drinks on it (I'm an utter klutz :P) I think I'll be leaning towards alot more all white outfits for the summer and keep on all black pieces for pre fall 2016.

Thanks for reading, 

Hope you all have a great week + weekend


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