Meant To Be


(Jacket : Bar III, Top : Aritzia, Pants : Sirens, Shoes : Ebay, Jewelry : Audaviv & Forever 21, Choker & Sunglasses : Aldo)
Hi everyone!

It's been crazzzzy hot in the city these past weeks and I obviously decided to take blog photos that weekend. It was one heck of an adventure, in what resulted in me trying to take photos two days in a row unsuccessfully.  The first day we decided to walk around the city looking for locations to take photos in what ended in a sweaty hot mess because it was 40+ degrees and I wore a knitted strap top.
After the afternoon ended we headed back home without any photos and as we boarded the bus we remembered that we had left the camera bag at my bf's apartment in the city. 

I was so upset at myself that the next day I was willing to buy a new camera just so I could get my blog photos but that idea didn't pan out either. So I sulked around all day, but managed to find a new white moto jacket (worn in photos) which ultimately saved my photos. I had previously damaged the other over piece (with food) I wanted to wear in the blog photos! Finally on the last day all the plans fell into place and the blog photos turned out fantastic (minus the nasty heat).

So the lesson I learned is sometimes you just need to go with the flow, and everything that is meant to be will happen. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for reading,


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