Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


(Dress : Zara, Vest : Ebay, Jacket : Vero Moda, Shoes : Zaful, Jewelry : Audaviv, Forever 21, Choker : Zaful)

Hi everyone!

It's finally another end to a eventful year to say the least! This year has brought alot of success, failures and realizations in all aspects of my life. In the past few months,I'm happy to know I'm growing into the person I want to be. Without blogging my year would have surely been VERY boring, and blogging has helped me achieve goals and push myself to try different things and stand up for myself. ( No haters and bullies allowed)

What I learned this year (the hard way) was to always keep a positive outlook/vibes because ultimately your wellness of mind comes first. Don't let anyone steal your sunshine :)

I'm so happy to say goodbye to 2016 and tackle goals and kick some butt in 2017.

Onto my ootd!
I can never have too many great black booties, and these ones from Zaful made my heart skip a beat!
I'm so obsessed with the cool gold geometric details and the interested style of the heel.
Of course it couldn't be a classic "The Style Status" outfit without them being pointed toe style too.
I also have a crazy choker collection now, which is trend I didnt like as much but I love it now.
I've been wearing this lovely velvet choker from Zaful, that is perfect for all NYE outfits and instantly dresses up any basic ootd!

Also I think I'm having a moment anything flare from sleeves to ruffle flare hems and I'm totally loving this trend. I really don't wear alot feminine outfits but I couldn't resist this cute ruffle hem dress! Both the flare on the sleeves and hem are a perfect combo of feminine and fun. 
I was pretty much twirling in this outfit all day :)
I couldn't see a more fitting outfit to end the year with all my faves; leather, faux fur and a great pair of black boots. This year blogging has also helped me discover my personal style, which is still an on going journey but I'm totally excited to try out all the new trends in 2017!

Have a Happy New Year,

Love you guys and see you in 2017!
Thanks for reading,

Christine xo

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