(Top : Dynamite, Pants : Vero Moda, Coat: Besty Johnson, Boots: Zaful, Bag : Ebay, Necklaces : Le Chateau, Sunglasses : Ebay, Scarf : Topshop, Watch : Cluse, Rings : Audaviv & Forever, Earrings : Ebay)

What is definition of authentic? Or who and what is authentic these days?
Since I've started my blog and Instagram my style/aesthetic has evolved in many ways.
I am inspired by everything around me and pride myself in creating content, that I like, in my own way.

In every industry everyone copies one another (i.e car, architecture,interior design) but when does copying become straight up plagiarism? It may seem that people who copy others are more successful, but that is just temporary. Being your authentic self is what will ultimately make you more successful. Blogging and especially Instagram is extremely competitive, because everyone says it is about the number of followers you have. Having falling into that hole once before, I've realized that creating quality authentic content and forming relationships with other bloggers in the community is what I value most. Would you rather have a IG page or blog that looks like everyone else or do you want your images to shine?

In recent events I have definitely found being your authentic self is what matters the most.
Even if your path to success in any form is longer than others, eventually you will get there!
Hard work ALWAYS pays off!

Thanks for reading,

Christine xo

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