(Bodysuit : Dynamite, Jeans : Forever 21, Belt : Nine West, Coat : Shein, Boots : Ebay, Sunglasses : Rayban, Necklace : Audaviv, Rings & Earrings : Dynamite)

Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.

Growing up as a girl you are bombarded with images in magazines, on TV and on social media about how you should ''dress'' and "look". Being in my late 20's have taught me to be confident to love the body that you are in, and treat it well.

No, I wont look like a super model, even if I workout and lose a crazy amount of weight.
We will never look like the person that we see because sadly, everyone and everything is photo shopped. 

Fashion is my instant confidence booster. I love getting dressed up, and clothing is a big factor in growing confidence. I find alot of people stay away from certain styles/trends because their afraid of what people will think or say. Honestly, who cares, wear what you want and have fun with it. 

Fashion is meant to be expressive! So rock whatever makes you feel your best :)

Hope you all have a great weekened,

Thanks for reading,

Christine xo

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