Personal Style


(Jacket : Forever 21, Top & Pants : Zara, Slip Ons : BCBG Generation, Bag : Philo, Scarf : Topshop, Watch : Cluse, Bracelet : Minimalist Jewellery, Rings : Dynamite)

Fashion keeps on evolving daily, and I love trends as anyone else but, my personal style is one thing I have made peace with. Over the last two years I have discovered that I love minimalist style, from home decor, photography and lifestyle, becoming my own "minimalist" has helped me figure out my own personal style. I have been clearing out my closet weekly to minimize my work and daily wardrobe. What I've learnt from adapting to minimalism is to "buy less, choose well". Whenever I am shopping I always keep that in mind! I've already saved some big $$$ by thinking about what I purchase and the best part creating outfits is even easier too. 

Although most people think minimalism is only about white,black and grey but sometimes a pop of colour doesnt hurt either ;)

Thank for reading,

Christine xo

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